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International telecommunications equipment delivery

Our company works with the largest system integrators in Russia and the CIS countries to supply both telecommunication equipment and its spare parts. We know every detail about transporting and registetring such goods (data centers and its components, servers, switches, boards, IP telephony gateways, multiplexers, transceivers, receivers, transponders, routers, etc). Such cargo requires using tilt and fall sensors during the shipment, as well as issuing permits and registrations of various types, including notifying the FSB.

While shipping telecommunication equipment, multimodal transportation using both air and road is the most efficient option. In case of urgent delivery, such cargo is often processed directly at Sheremetyevo (Moscow) and Pulkovo (Saint Petersburg) airports. We will also engineer customised solutions that are suitable for each case.

This field has been a priority for us since VE Service was founded. And we are confident that we can make the best offers to distributors, integrators and service centers for this type of equipment, providing door-to-door delivery services.


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