Laboratory and measuring equipment2021-03-10T21:04:03+03:00

International laboratory
and measuring equipment delivery

Our company regularly imports measuring and laboratory equipment to Russia. We deliver all fragile components intact, let it be laboratory glass, flasks, ferrules or anything else. We supply complex equipment for chromatography, spectral analysis, laboratory measurements etc.

This type of goods requires transportation using tilt and drop sensors to ensure their safety. They are also often shipped with reagents or calibration fluids that require specific documents issued. We do all the paperwork and prepare necessary documents.

Various transportation methods are used, and we often process these types of cargoes at the largest Russian airports: Sheremetyevo (Moscow) and Pulkovo (St. Petersburg). We have a consolidation warehouse in Riga (Latvia), which is an authorized warehouse for goods from Agilent, Duran and WVR suppliers.


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