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Convenient and reliable turnkey cargo transportation

International cargo delivery is not only groupage cargo and trucking services, they are only a part of the supply chain. To make delivery easy and transparent, we provide a full range of services:
  • We use various types of transport (multimodal transportation).
  • We take care of the customs clearance.
  • We insure your cargo.
  • We organize door-to-door transportation.
  • We engineer customised logistics routes according to your goals.
  • We carry out out of gauge cargo delivery.

We take care of your cargo at every moment of its movement from the place of loading to the destination and constantly inform you about its location.
We are ready for cooperation, ready to develop the services that are needed and important to you as our customer.

More about VE Service

Favorable cost

Sea containers arrive at the ports of the Baltic and North Seas. After transshipment in Riga or St. Petersburg, groupage cargoes are sent to their destination.

A well-developed network of consolidation warehouses around the world, working with various port terminals in different countries and choosing the most efficient logistics routes allow us to make shipping both cost-saving and fast.

Maximum speed

Rail freight transportation is an option to move both general and groupage cargoes from China to Russia in the quickest and the most cost-saving way. A wide network of warehouses in China allows rapid consolidation of goods. Cargo transportation is carried out by speed trains from Suzhou and Guangzhou to the railway stations of the Moscow region.

Customized solutions

Out of gauge cargo transportation is a complex field in logistics. It requires specialized transport and rigging, the escort services, experience in issuing special permits and thorough route planning.

We prepare of a full package of documents and take responsibility for the safety of your goods. We are successfully transporting industrial, agricultural and other heavy equipment.

Door-to-door delivery

Turnkey door-to-door transportation is the most comfortable logistics system. It is not only convenient, but also cost-saving for the customer. By entrusting us with the arrangements of your supply chain, you get the opportunity to direct all your efforts to developing your business, promoting your products and your brand. Meanwhile we will solve all the transportation issues and deliver your goods to their destination on time.

Customs clearance

It is a complex and time-consuming process
that we make easier for you.


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