Out of gauge cargo delivery: from Germany to Russia in 5 days

The international logistics operator VE Service promptly executed an order to deliver a large-sized container (3,2 meters in diameter) for storing corrosive chemical liquids to a metallurgical plant in Lipetsk.

The process of transporting out of gauge cargo from Malbergweich (western Germany) to Lipetsk took only 5 days. The total length of the route, engineered by the company’s experts, was more than 3500 kilometers. First, the cargo was delivered by road to the port of Travemünde in Germany, where it was reloaded onto a ferry going to the Latvian port of Liepāja. At the seaport, the container was successfully placed on a special low-bed platform. Accompanied by vehicles with flashing beacons, which is required during an out of gauge cargo transportation, it was sent to its final destination.

For transporting the out of gauge cargo by road in Europe and Russia, VE Service experts prepared all the necessary permits and documents within a week. An individual approach and quick solutions at all stages of the logistics process made the delivery as quick as possible.



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