General cargo: transporting packaging equipment from Italy

Task. Delivery of general cargo with non-standard dimensions and special loading conditions from the province of Como (Italy) to the Moscow region (Russia). Packaging equipment to be transported was in 3 seats with the following dimensions: 2600x2100x2000 mm, 3200x2000x2100 mm, 4300x1300x1800 mm; total weight was more than 4000 kg.

Solution. Non-standard bulky cargo was loaded onto a low loader tent truck with a side loading system. At the customer’s request, cargo had a security escort up till the final destination point. The cargo was delivered to Khimki, Moscow Region and unloaded there using special equipment. The whole delivery process took 8 days.

Result. VE Service has successfully completed the project. Sensible solutions at each stage of cargo delivery helped the customer quickly and without any downtime organize packaging lines for confectionery products at a plant near Moscow.



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